Structure and Written Expression Practice

Directions: This section tests your understanding and knowledge of standard English grammar.  It is divided into several topics.  Each topic contains a tutorial and practice exercises.  At the end of the topics, a practice test is provided. You will not be asked to correct spelling or punctuation errors.   Pay attention to the construction of the sentence to find out what will make the sentence meaningful.  Please select the topic you wish to review. 


Adjective Phrases Word Choice
Verbs Noun Clauses Active & Passive Sentences
Subject-Verb Agreement Adverb Clauses Conditionl Sentences
Pronouns Adverb Phrases Prepositions
Articles Parallel Structure Phrasal Verbs
Word Order Comparisons Negation
Inverted Word Order Word Parts Redundancy
Adjective Clauses Gerunds and Infinitives Grammar Review
  Participle Adjectives  
Practice 1 Test 1 Test 2