Subject: Parallel Structure

In the following exercises, click on the alternative below that is incorrect in the sentence. The choices are in bold and underlined text.

Here is an example of the question type.

Inca craftsmen are famous of using advanced techniques in their crafts.

A. are
B. of
C. advanced
D. their

The answer is B, "of". The correct word is the preposition "for".

Question 1

The skating champion signed a one million-dollar contract to endorsing and promote the sleek, revolutionary skates on major TV networks.

  A. skating champion

  B. endorsing

  C. promote

  D. revolutionary

Question 2

The department store has a fine reputation because its sales assistants are

knowledgeable, friendly, and enthusiastically about the merchandise

they are selling.

  A. because

  B. friendly

  C. enthusiastically

  D. they are selling

Question 3

Not only sandpipers cryptically patterned in shades of brown and gray but they also

have diversified bill shapes.

  A. Not only

  B. in

  C. they

  D. shapes

Question 4

Creating more job opportunities by either raising the taxes and reducing
the budget deficit is a worthwhile plan which needs the citizen's support.

  A. Creating

  B. by either

  C. and

  D. a worthwhile plan

Questions 5-8