Subject: Prepositions

In the following exercises, click on the alternative below that is incorrect in the sentence. The choices are in bold and underlined text.

Here is an example of the question type.

Inca craftsmen are famous of using advanced techniques in their crafts.

A. are
B. of
C. advanced
D. their

The answer is B, "of". The correct word is the preposition "for".

Question 1

Included between the numerous theaters in California is the American
Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

  A. Included

  B. between

  C. theaters

  D. in

Question 2

The morning glory is praised for its heart-shaped leaves and flashy

funnellike flowers ranging in color from blue to purple into pink.

  A. for

  B. in

  C. to

  D. into

Question 3

Over reaching England, with the proceeds from the sale of his
farm, Robert Frost devoted his time entirely to writing.

  A. Over

  B. with

  C. of

  D. entirely to writing

Question 4

The vanilla, belonging to the orchid family, obtains nutrition from
air while anchored with another plant.

  A. belonging

  B. from

  C. while

  D. with

Questions 5-7