Question 5

Because of mismanagement, underestimating the cost, lowering the

workers' morale, and leave the project unfinished, the advertising firm

was criticized publicly.

  A. mismanagement

  B. underestimating

  C. lowering

  D. leave

Question 6

Neither Saturn's mass big enough to initiate fusion, nor is it hot enough to push out water from the inner satellites.

  A. Neither

  B. enough

  C. nor is it

  D. inner

Question 7

By using both polyurethane-coated nylon or ignited liquid propane gas,

Tracy Barnes had a significant role in making hot-air ballooning a popular


  A. both

  B. or

  C. a significant role

  D. hot-air ballooning

Question 8

Not only each country have its own measuring standard but often differences

within the country.

  A. each

  B. measuring

  C. often

  D. existed

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