Description of the TWEŽ test

TWEŽ stands for Test of Written English. This test measures your English writing skills. You will write an essay on a given topic for 30 minutes. The scale for the TWE score is 1 to 6 (1=lowest and 6=highest). You will be asked to write either an opinion or argumentative essay. You do not have to take this test. However, if a college or university wants you to take it, make sure you register promptly. The test is offered only five times a year with the TOEFL test in August, October, December, February, and May. You do not pay an additional fee for TWE. Your TWE test score is reported separately.

Your score will be based on the following criteria.

  1. Organization -- Do the ideas follow each other logically?
  2. Development -- Are the ideas supported by adequate and relevant examples, reasons, facts, and so forth?
  3. Language usage -- Are the sentences free of grammatical errors? Do they have varied sentence structures and vocabulary?


Before writing an essay, write down your ideas in outline form. This outline serves as a detailed plan for your composition. Indent the major and minor ideas. The most crucial factor is to let the ideas flow. Later, you can add or delete any unnecessary or unwanted point. The purpose of writing an outline is two-fold. First, you can see if you are on the right track and writing about the topic that you are asked to write about. Second, you can see if your ideas relate to each other and if they are arranged logically.


An essay has three components: An introduction, body paragraph(s) and a conclusion. In the introduction, the writer introduces the topic and states the thesis statement (main idea) of the essay. In the body paragraph(s), the writer supports the main idea with relevant evidence. The number of the body paragraphs depends on how much support the writer gives for the point(s) he/she has advanced. In the conclusion, the writer restates the thesis statement and summarizes the points supported in the body paragraphs.

Guidelines for an essay

You will be writing a multiparagraph opinion or persuasive essay for TWE. Within the 30-minute time limit, a-four-or five-paragraph essay will be sufficient. There are many different ways to develop an essay. It is best to use a format that is rather straightforward and easy to follow. Every paragraph within the essay should have a topic sentence which is generally the first sentence of the paragraph. For example, the traditional workplace has gone through changes in recent years. The topic sentence basically controls the way a paragraph is developed. Now, the topic sentence has to be logically supported by examples and specific reasons. First, rather than commuting to the office, many employees work at home. Second, many workers no longer follow a nine-to-five day work schedule. The more specific your supports, the more interesting your essay will be. The supports should prove the point that the topic sentence makes. Also, use transitions between sentences and paragraphs to help the smooth progression of the ideas. Here, transitions first and second serve this purpose well.

Look at another example.

Topic sentence: Earning a graduate degree has several advantages over an undergraduate degree.

Supporting ideas: A person with a graduate degree

  1. has better job opportunities.
  2. has a more financially secure future.
  3. is more likely to be promoted.
Organization of a paragraph

Topic sentence: _________________________________________

Supporting details:

1. ____________________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________________
3. ____________________________________________________

You have only 30 minutes to write your essay. Use this time wisely.

Spend 3 to 5 minutes for the outline.
Spend 17-20 minutes for the developmental paragraphs.
Spend 3 to 5 minutes for proofreading.

Helpful Suggestions:

Strive for a well-thought-out, logically organized essay. Make sure to check your essay against all the items on the TWE Essay checklist when you proofread it.