Inverted Word Order: Tutorial

Unlike the traditional rule, subject verb order, in certain situations a verb precedes a subject. Inverted word order is used in the following. 
Example of Inverted Word Order Errors
1)When sentences begin with negative words such as rarely, never, hardly ever, the auxiliary verb precedes the subject.
WrongNever I will see her again.
RightNever will I see her again.
2)The auxiliary verb precedes the subject in abridged (shortened) clauses.
WrongWe live is Santa Monica, and she does so.
RightWe live is Santa Monica, and so does she.
3)When the word "only " precedes the words if, once, then, after, before or other adverbial clauses or phrases, the verb precedes the subject in the independent clause.
WrongOnly before the show starts, you can enter the room.
RightOnly before the show starts, can you enter the room.
WrongOnly if he gets a job, he will pay his tuition.
RightOnly if he gets a job, will he pay his tuition.
4)In the transposed word order used after a prepositional phrase of place (up, down, in, out, etc.) the verb or the object precedes the subject.
WrongUp the hill a white castle sits.
RightUp the hill sits a white castle.