Listening Practice

Description of the type of questions tested in Listening, Part A

The short conversations in Part A of Listening Comprehension section tests your understanding of everyday spoken English on different topics. These conversations are between a man and a woman and sometimes between two men or two women. A third person asks a question based on the stated or implied meaning of the conversation. You will have 12 seconds to choose your response from the four multiple-choice questions that follow each conversation. Pay attention to who the speakers are and what subjects they are talking about. The auxiliary verbs such as "be," "have," and "do" are often used in contracted form. The sentences are affirmative, negative, or interrogative. The conversations and questions are spoken once and are not presented in written form. The conversations are informal and use everyday vocabulary and idioms. The conversation topics are varied. For instance, the conversation may be based on making a suggestion, asking for permission, or giving advice. If you do not know the answer, make a guess. There is no penalty for guessing.

Note: To listen to the sound files presented in this demo, you must have an MP3 player (Windows Media Player, RealPlayer or QuickTime player) installed in your computer. If you don't have an MP3 player, you may download it from

Sample conversation:

(Man 1)I don't have the time to take the x-ray to my dentist.
Could you take it to her for me?
(Man 2)I'm afraid I've too much to do.
(Narrator) What does the man's response mean?

  A.He wants to take the x-ray, but he can't.

  B. He's not sure if he could do it.

  C.He could take the x-ray later.

  D. He always helps him when he's not busy himself.