Facts about TOEFL and commonly asked questions.

  1. Important facts about TOEFL
  2. General overview
  3. How much does the TOEFL test cost?
  4. How often is the TOEFL test given?
  5. What is the Institutional TOEFL?
  6. What is the passing score for TOEFL?

Important facts about TOEFL

More than 2400 American colleges and universities require the TOEFL test scores from non-English speaking students in order to admit them to a program. In 1994-1995, more than 840,000 people registered worldwide for the test. The test is administered in 180 countries at more than 1275 test sites.

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General overview

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. The test is designed to measure the English proficiency of non-English speaking people and is divided into three sections. The test is timed for each section and uses multiple-choice questions with four possible choices for each question.

Beginning July 1995 the test of TOEFL will NO longer use:


Section 1 Listening Comprehension

This section evaluates your understanding of spoken English in North America. This section has three parts. You will have 35 minutes to answer 50 questions.

Part A     30 questions

Part B     8 questions

Part C     12 questions


Section 2 Structure and Written Expression

This section tests your understanding of the structure and usage of standard English grammar. This section is divided into two parts. You will have 25 minutes to answer 40 questions

Part A     15 questions

Part B     25 questions


Section 3 Reading Comprehension

This section measures your understanding of reading passages with academic contents. You will have 55 minutes to answer 50 questions.

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How much does the TOEFL test cost?

The fee for the Friday Testing Program (the Special Center TOEFL) is currently US $45.

The fee for the Saturday Testing Program (the International TOEFL) is currently US $38.

The test material for Friday and Saturday Testing Programs is identical, but the Friday Testing Program is more expensive due to the rental cost for the testing center.

All TOEFL fees are subject to change without notice.

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How often is the TOEFL test given?

The TOEFL test is administered 12 times a year; in other words, once a month, either on Friday or Saturday.

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What is the Institutional TOEFL ?

The Institutional TOEFL is administered by colleges and universities. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) sends the test materials which have been used either on the Friday Testing Program or the Saturday Testing Program to the college or university that administers the test. The college or university that administers the test uses the test score for the placement of the students who wish to enroll in an English as a Second Language (ESL) program or for admission purposes into the college or university regular programs. Other institutions, however, do not consider the Institutional TOEFL test results valid for admission to their own ESL or regular programs. The fee for the Institutional TOEFL varies. Some institutions charge US $30 for the test.

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What is the passing score for TOEFL?

Although there is no passing or failing score for TOEFL, generally a score of 400 is considered low and a score of 600 or above excellent. Each college, university, or institution has its own TOEFL score admission requirement. The score required varies depending on the field of study (non-technical or technical) and the program (two-year, undergraduate or graduate) for which you are applying. A score of 400 or above for a two-year program, 500 or above for an undergraduate program, and 550 or above for a graduate program is generally required.

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