Press Release - ALEXIS

Encomium Publications introduces ALEXIS, web-based CD-ROM to help non-native speakers optimize TOEIC¨ test scores and business success.
Contact: Maryam Hallez, (513) 871-4377

Encomium Publications has introduced Alexis, a comprehensive CD-ROM-based resource for non-native users of English. The product is ideal for those preparing for the TOEIC¨ test or desiring focused, interactive help in understanding English, the international language of business.

Alexis offers a wealth of practical help for those wanting to gain further proficiency and confidence in using English. As a TOEIC test preparation system, it:

* is an ideal self-study course for those at the intermediate-to-advanced levels of proficiency; provides 600 exercises that help users master test-taking skills for all test sections;
* offers immediate, detailed feedback for both correct and incorrect responses; and
* improves time management skills with timed questions for all sections.

As a tool for gaining competency and confidence in understanding and using English in workplace environments, Alexis helps users:

* conduct themselves comfortably with co-workers, clients and others in a variety of situations;
* understand and use English in business overall, as well as in specific contexts such as human resources, sales/marketing and purchasing;
* gain insights about presenting themselves well in meetings as a manager, employee or team member;
* optimize their use of the phone and other office technologies; writing and understanding of letters and other communications;

Finally, Alexis is designed to help users:

* become comfortable in handling themselves in formal business situations, as well as in the informal social situations that are often key to business success.

Alexis can be used as a stand-alone CD or installed on a server to be accessed by multiple users.

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