Endorsement for Online Writing Courses


I highly recommend the online Encomium writing courses. We have used all three online courses in conjunction with the ESL beginning, intermediate and advanced composition courses in the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program here at Anne Arundel Community College for several years. The students are eager to use the programs which present numerous models and practices in prewriting, revising and editing, as well as explanations and exercises in major grammatical areas crucial to writing correct sentences. The courses have been very carefully written so that students at the various levels can use them independently with little outside support other than specific feedback on the texts that they produce.

We show the students how to use the programs in an ESL dedicated lab, and they then can access them from home. The beginning level focuses on writing sentences, intermediate on paragraphs and advanced on essays. Students who are college bound must master the five-paragraph academic essay structure in order to succeed in college level credit courses. The students have benefited greatly from using these courses. They have become better writers while at the same time they have practiced some essential computer skills they will need to function in credit courses. Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions.


Phil Knighton

Philip Knighton, ESL Instructional Specialist
ELL and AE Department
Anne Arundel Community College
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