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Corporate English Computer Assisted Training System (June 1, 2000)
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Windows 3.1/95. 1999
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Designed to train people in the use of business English, this disc will actually be useful for all those who seek to improve their English-language skills. The system consists of two parts: Player and Administrative. Users can preview the system on Encomium's web site and then download the full players when a purchase decision is made. The Player portion includes more than 500 language modules distributed over eight language levels, with a wealth of general and detailed language tests and exercises.

The Administrative section analyzes test results and issues progress reports. The subject areas include Presentation Skills, Meeting Skills, Interpretation, Intention and Tone, Reading for Ideas, Reading for Information, Sales calls, and General Telephone Skills, to name a few. Within these modules, there are activities such as Complaining, Letter to a Customer, Making Comparisons, Insisting, Job Advertisements, Keeping the Conversation Going, Saying Good-bye, Hesitating and Stalling, as well as grammatical lessons: Present Perfect Progressive; Much, Many and a Lot; Been and Gone; and Ago and Before.

Each module presents a dialog that users can read or have read to them. You can listen to the complete scenario or click on any sentence to hear it read, and then follow up on this dialog by answering a series of exercises testing comprehension. Hundreds of test questions are included. Need background information? Each module includes a reference section that provides it. Want to retake a test? Easily done, but questions and words are mixed and moved around, so you cannot just answer from memory.

The Bottom Line: Corporate English Computer Assisted Training System was produced in Germany and a few typos have crept in that need cleaning up, but that is merely a quibble. This is an excellent overall introduction to conducting business discourse in English and is recommended for public, academic, and corporate libraries, especially those serving international business students. An essential title.

-- Ed Tallent, Reference, O'Neill Lib., Boston Coll.

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